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Year:     2020

Make:   Powerscreen

Model: 2100X


Price:  POA



Output Potential               400tph (441 US tph) / 400tph (441 US tph)

Transport Dimensions      Width: 9'11" Length: 62'4" Height: 11'11" / Width: 2.98m Length: 18.7m Height: 3.57m

Working Dimensions        Width: 60'10" Length: 65'3" Height: 19'11" / Width: 18.25m Length: 19.57m Height: 5.98m

Weight                              78,264lbs / 35,500kgs

Screen                             19' x 5" / 5.88m x 1.55m

Features & Benefits

  • Output Potential: up to 400tph (441 US tph)

  • Powerful screening action keeps the screen openings clear

  • Suitable for screening damp, fibrous or matted materials

  • Suitable for sizing materials ranging between 0.5mm-80mm

  • Vibration parameters are individually adjustable for each screening deck

  • Single drive screen mechanism, low energy consumption

  • Quick to change screen mats

  • Screen walkway & access ladder

  • Hydraulic folding conveyors with excellent stockpiling capacity

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